Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A Summer Neon!

More China Glaze, are you surprised yet, I don`t generally go for Neons and I am not ordinarily a huge fan of pink. Which is kind of funny, because in high school I was obsessed with all things pink and bright. I LOVED pink everything. Must be a teenager thing. But, this pink is pretty cool and I may have to add a few more pinks to my world, they look pretty good on me

. China Glaze Pink Voltage- A neon pink that dries with a pearly matte finish, which is not what I was expecting from a neon. All are taken indoors, I mainly do most of my mani`s and swatches in the evenings after G has gone to bed. 

What is your Favourite summer-y Pink? I may have to try a few more before summer ends.


  1. AHHH summer pinks! This one's sooo gorgeous. I rediscovered OPI La Paz-itevely Hot this summer. That one might be my favorite. L'Oreal Pink Carat is possibly the most gorgeous shade of salmon rose ever, though, and more wearable throughout the year, I think.

  2. Oh I have never heard of the L`Oreal one, I may have to go google that.

    I just bought my first baby pink shade the other day. (Essie- Fiji) Normally I dont like pale pale colours on me but I thought I would give it a try, I will have to try and give it a whirl before fall really hits :)