Friday, August 31, 2012

China Glaze Haul!

I had mentioned a few posts back that I had 30+ China Glaze polishes grace my doorstep this month. I was not joking haha Here are most of them (psssst no one tell my hubby OK?)

 Aquadelic, Kinetic ,Candy, Electric Beat, GaGa for Green, and Dance Baby (ElectroPop Collection)
 Pelican Gray, Starboard, Sea Spray (Anchors Away Collection)
 Luxe and Lush (Hunger Games Collection), Atlastis and Nova (Specialty Glitters)
 Stella and Lets Groove (Retro Diva Collection)
 Loft-y Ambitions, Urban-Night, Traffic Jam and Concrete Catwalk (Metro Collection)
 Turned Up Turquoise, Flip Flop Fantasy, Pink Voltage, Calypso Blue, Liquid Leather, Secret Peri-wink-le and For Audrey (Various Collections)
Lemon Fizz, Happy Go Lucky, Peachy Keen, High Hopes, Something Sweet, Sugar High, Light As Air, Grape Pop, Four Leaf Clover and Flyin`High (Up & Away Collection)

I went a little overboard with my new LOVE affair with China Glaze. ::Blushes:: I am still not satisfied and will have to buy MORE! I think, wait I know I have a bad case of Collection OCD. 

I don`t have time for more to post tonight but I have some new swatches coming up this weekend. Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A follow up: Layering with Luxe and Lush

 China Glaze Pelican Gray- Anchors Away Collection Spring 2011. At first glance this appears to be a plain and simple pale gray (cool toned), but it actually has a very pale white shimmer to it. The shimmer really gives it a little something special. Very pretty- totally office appropriate and very sophisticated.  I did a base coat, 2 coats of Pelican Grey and top 2 photos have 1 coat SV, bottom photo is without SV. I think the shimmer is best seen without SV on.

Indoor with flash.
In sunlight.
Indoor without flash.
As promised in my last post here is China Glaze Luxe and Lush layerd over the above Pelican Gray! I really like how this turned out. I will likely try layer L&L over many different polishes!

Indoor without flash on. 

Indoor with flash on, I love this iridescent flakie!

And it is even more beautiful outside in the sun!

In natural light

In direct sunlight the sparkle is amazing, it catches and dances in the light so much, I could not stop looking at it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

China Glaze crazy..

In the last week I have had somewhere around 30 China Glaze polishes finally grace my doorstep!! I'm beyond excited and have been swatching like mad this week. I think it is fairly safe to say I am officially a China Glaze junkie. I love all of them, need all of them and will attempt to get most of them!!

I love the Hunger Games books, big fan! I read all three books in a week. Many nights of up all night reading and zombie mommy the next day! Well worth it in my eyes though. Until this month I had never tried China Glaze (I know right O.o ???!!!) I was searching online and stumbled across China Glaze Hunger Games Collection. I was giddy as a school girl. I saw Luxe and Lush and snatched it up. I want the rest and have heard they are pretty cheap at Sally's right now. I need to get in there to see if they have them here in Canada for cheap. (If any of you lovely readers want to check your location for me, and ship to the Great north I'd love you lol)

Luxe and Lush: This polish may have kick started a love affair with flakies. (I am sad I haven't tried them sooner!) Luxe and Lush is chunky flakies in a clear base, it flashes lots of colours- on me I mostly noticed pinkish-gold, silver and blueish-gray. I have seen swatches that reflect green, orange and copper as well. This is very beautiful and dances in the light. I was staring at my nails non stop. I fully intend to layer this a lot!! If you don't own it (I'm late to it so I know many people must already have it) you must get it. I will be picking up another bottle without a doubt.

My Camera is having awful focusing issues and need to go in for a check up. So until I can find my old point and shoot these will have to do.
Indoor with flash 
Indoor without flash
In sunlight
 I also layered it with ChG Pelican Gray which I will likely post about next!

Any other flakies you think I would love? Leave me a comment. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My First Posted Swatch!

I am going to start by saying my cuticles are a mess, I apologize now for them. As a nurse my hands get a lot of wear and tear. Usually not this bad but they took a beating last week and are slowly recovering.

left to right- China Glaze: Atlantis, Soulstice: Monterey
My first Nail Mail came yesterday, I have always purchased my polishes locally but couldn't resist these beauties! These two opened the flood gates to my online polish shopping spree this past month. I will post the others as the come.
Alright, on to brighter things! I have to start by saying I AM IN LOVE! Absolutely in love with China Glaze Atlantis (2009 Specialty Color Collection). I have been eyeing this for a while so when Nail Polish Canada had a freebie for Soulstice Spa, I jumped at the chance to finally order this beauty! A teal jelly base, with loads of small silver and holographic glitter! The way the light catches on this polish is stunning. Well done ChG!! Be still my heart. The Formula is nice and thick, covers well with 2 coats but could probably use a third for a better opacity. It eats up top coat like crazy. I only used 1 coat but could have used 2 for a smoother finish. My only real complaint about this polish is that it chip or rather peels quite badly. I will have to try it with a layering and see how it goes.

Look at all that sparkle (Indoor with flash)

Indoor without flash
Natural Light no direct sunlight!

Every Stash has to Start Somewhere

Here's a look at my current meager but growing stash. Currently I have about 30+ polishes in various stages of shipping/delivery from the USA (shipping to Canada is as slow as a snail!)  

(L-R) Sally Hansen (SH) Gem Crush- Big Money and Lady Luck, SH Magnetic- Polar Purple and Ionic Indigo

(L-R) SH Xtreme Wear-  Invisible, White On,  Wet Cement,  Black Out, Disco Ball, and Rockstar Pink.  

(L-R) Wet n' Wild Wet Shine- Night Prowl, Eggplant Frost and Sparked

(L-R) Sephora by OPI- Mr Right Now, Sephora- Pure Plum, Revlon- Radiant and Rimmel 60seconds- Green  With Envy

(L-R) Nicole by OPI- Follow me on Glitter, Kendall on the Catwalk and Wear Something Spar-Kylie

Edited: I just now September 4th realized this post is missing about 4 other photos. Now adding them below. 

Claire`s Star Struck Collection: Little Dipper, Blast Off, Claire`s Sun Changing Collection: Sun-Sation, Solar Eclipse, Day Dreamer, Here Comes the Sun. Color Club: Very Merry Berry, Wish Upon a Rockstar, Take The Stage, SweetPea 

Nubar: Star Sparkle, Night Sparkle, Fire Sparkle, Violet Sparkle, Meadow Sparkle

Orly Day Glow, Skinny Dip

Oh My Gosh- Turquoise Blue, Cobalt Blue, Electric Pink (missing from pic- Brown Grey... I think) 

Hello My Name Is:

Hey interwebz friends!

I'm Britne, yes guys and gals that's Britne with an E not a Y! But you can call me, and I will go by Brit. I am 26, a postpartum nurse, I have one beautiful/amazing/smart/ energetic 20 month old daughter named Gabrielle or G for short, a wonderful/amazing/loving/ supportive partner Matthew, let's call him M. I have a wonderful & happy life, but very few hobbies outside of that. I have been looking for something to have, something that is just for me, something I enjoy and can take pride in. I love nail polish, but am truly a novice- but very eager to learn more! So I have decided to start a blog. I have always wanted to start one, but it seemed very overwhelming to learn all the ins and out of the blogging world. So,  if you wouldn't mind, bare with me while I work out the details and kinks of my new blog. Oh and if poor grammar and punctuation bother you I apologize in advance. Mine is not always the best. But nevertheless I am so excited to get started and post my first real entry. I will be posting quite a bit this week, adding stash shots, links to giveaways i have found and a few other things. Maybe even a swatch or two. So check back!

 If you have any words of wisdom to impart,  good blogs I should subscribe to , or any must haves I should add to my colleection, I'm all ears... er eyes!! I will welcome all the advice from the experts as I navigate my way from newbie to... ah... less of a newbie! I'm determined to master this new blogging world!!

Thanks for reading, hope to see you around! 

EDITED:  I am from Alberta, Canada. Would love to know what other Canadian blogs are out there!!