ABC About Me!

A is for: Age: 26 years young.

B is for: Birth-date:  March 21st was a very awesome day 26 years ago!

C is for: Colour: I love all things purple. My glasses, my purses, lots of my clothes, my work uniforms, often my nails as well. 

D is for Day: I have a particular liking for Wednesdays. Also, I always say it Wed-nes-day in my head when I type it lol

F is for Food: This one is easy for me. Sushi- I could totally live of sushi for 80% of my meals. We always say I should have been born Oriental not Caucasian that's how much I love Oriental food. 

G is for God: Simple answer YES, I don't really do much in the way of religion but I do believe in god/ spiritual higher being. 

H is for Height: I am 5'9"

I is for Indulgence: My weaknesses include shopping, candy, chocolate, and take our Sushi/ Chinese/ Vietnamese food! Oh, and Nail Polish clearly :D

J is for Job: I am a Licensed Practical Nurse on a very bust postpartum unit. I LOVE my job!

K is for Kids: I have 1 amazing 20 month old daughter Gabrielle. Light of my life!!

L is for Live: I live in Alberta Canada, I am from Nova Scotia (N.S will always be home <3)

M is for Married: I am not married, I have a common-law partner (Matthew) we have a beautiful daughter and own a home together. We would like to get married someday but that costs a lot.

N is for Nickname:  I had about 1 million growing up but I think the only current one is Brit.

O is for Outfit: My go to outfit is Lulelemon pants or jeans and a tank-top (with Lulu hoodie if cold) with flip-flops in summer or Uggs in winter.

P is for Pet Peeves:  I am really not fond of slow walkers especially when they walk in groups, Body odour, and Rude children/ or grown ups for that matter. HUGE one Computers and my phone always correct my Canadian spelling for US spelling. (SO ANNOYING)

Q is for Quote: From the movie Coach Carter, I love this scene- so powerful!

R is for Right or Left handed?: I am Right handed but do a lot things aside from writing with my left. (when I was little my sister would take thing out of my left hand and make me use my right)  

S is for Siblings: I have 1 older sister, 2 older brothers and 1 ex-step sister (still super close though). 
T is for Tattoos: I have 2 tattoos, one at the base of my necks (tribal-ish cross & wings) and one on my foot (water color-ish apple blossom branch floating in water)

U is for Unique trait: A unique thing about me, hmm I can flip my tongue on its side (rotate) very fast, and can curl and roll it also. 

V is for Vehicle: I personally don't drive anything M drives a VW Jetta.(and drives me everywhere) I don't even have my license. :/

W is for Wish: I wish for health and happiness for my family and friends. I secretly with to win the lottery big time. Only problem is I never buy tickets because i think its pointless haha.
X is for XXX: Always make time for the significant other in your life if you catch my drift... :S

Y is for Yard: I have Zero green thumb abilities and it shows! My grass is littered with weeds and my flower beds are empty. We do have a few trees we upkeep but its really hard to killl a tree. 
Z is for Zodiac Sign: Aries. I am on the cusp of Pisces too whatever that means!?

So now you know a lot of useless information about me, sorry that I cannot give you that time back in your life lol

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