Wednesday, August 29, 2012

China Glaze crazy..

In the last week I have had somewhere around 30 China Glaze polishes finally grace my doorstep!! I'm beyond excited and have been swatching like mad this week. I think it is fairly safe to say I am officially a China Glaze junkie. I love all of them, need all of them and will attempt to get most of them!!

I love the Hunger Games books, big fan! I read all three books in a week. Many nights of up all night reading and zombie mommy the next day! Well worth it in my eyes though. Until this month I had never tried China Glaze (I know right O.o ???!!!) I was searching online and stumbled across China Glaze Hunger Games Collection. I was giddy as a school girl. I saw Luxe and Lush and snatched it up. I want the rest and have heard they are pretty cheap at Sally's right now. I need to get in there to see if they have them here in Canada for cheap. (If any of you lovely readers want to check your location for me, and ship to the Great north I'd love you lol)

Luxe and Lush: This polish may have kick started a love affair with flakies. (I am sad I haven't tried them sooner!) Luxe and Lush is chunky flakies in a clear base, it flashes lots of colours- on me I mostly noticed pinkish-gold, silver and blueish-gray. I have seen swatches that reflect green, orange and copper as well. This is very beautiful and dances in the light. I was staring at my nails non stop. I fully intend to layer this a lot!! If you don't own it (I'm late to it so I know many people must already have it) you must get it. I will be picking up another bottle without a doubt.

My Camera is having awful focusing issues and need to go in for a check up. So until I can find my old point and shoot these will have to do.
Indoor with flash 
Indoor without flash
In sunlight
 I also layered it with ChG Pelican Gray which I will likely post about next!

Any other flakies you think I would love? Leave me a comment. 

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