Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hello My Name Is:

Hey interwebz friends!

I'm Britne, yes guys and gals that's Britne with an E not a Y! But you can call me, and I will go by Brit. I am 26, a postpartum nurse, I have one beautiful/amazing/smart/ energetic 20 month old daughter named Gabrielle or G for short, a wonderful/amazing/loving/ supportive partner Matthew, let's call him M. I have a wonderful & happy life, but very few hobbies outside of that. I have been looking for something to have, something that is just for me, something I enjoy and can take pride in. I love nail polish, but am truly a novice- but very eager to learn more! So I have decided to start a blog. I have always wanted to start one, but it seemed very overwhelming to learn all the ins and out of the blogging world. So,  if you wouldn't mind, bare with me while I work out the details and kinks of my new blog. Oh and if poor grammar and punctuation bother you I apologize in advance. Mine is not always the best. But nevertheless I am so excited to get started and post my first real entry. I will be posting quite a bit this week, adding stash shots, links to giveaways i have found and a few other things. Maybe even a swatch or two. So check back!

 If you have any words of wisdom to impart,  good blogs I should subscribe to , or any must haves I should add to my colleection, I'm all ears... er eyes!! I will welcome all the advice from the experts as I navigate my way from newbie to... ah... less of a newbie! I'm determined to master this new blogging world!!

Thanks for reading, hope to see you around! 

EDITED:  I am from Alberta, Canada. Would love to know what other Canadian blogs are out there!!


  1. hiya Brit, nice to see another new nail blogger - would love to follow you but I don't see any GFC link - how can I follow you?

  2. There is one on the main page, "join the fun" thanks for following :)

    1. ~smacks her forehead~ tooootally missed that. duh me.