Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My First Posted Swatch!

I am going to start by saying my cuticles are a mess, I apologize now for them. As a nurse my hands get a lot of wear and tear. Usually not this bad but they took a beating last week and are slowly recovering.

left to right- China Glaze: Atlantis, Soulstice: Monterey
My first Nail Mail came yesterday, I have always purchased my polishes locally but couldn't resist these beauties! These two opened the flood gates to my online polish shopping spree this past month. I will post the others as the come.
Alright, on to brighter things! I have to start by saying I AM IN LOVE! Absolutely in love with China Glaze Atlantis (2009 Specialty Color Collection). I have been eyeing this for a while so when Nail Polish Canada had a freebie for Soulstice Spa, I jumped at the chance to finally order this beauty! A teal jelly base, with loads of small silver and holographic glitter! The way the light catches on this polish is stunning. Well done ChG!! Be still my heart. The Formula is nice and thick, covers well with 2 coats but could probably use a third for a better opacity. It eats up top coat like crazy. I only used 1 coat but could have used 2 for a smoother finish. My only real complaint about this polish is that it chip or rather peels quite badly. I will have to try it with a layering and see how it goes.

Look at all that sparkle (Indoor with flash)

Indoor without flash
Natural Light no direct sunlight!


  1. so pretty!

    p.s. I'm having a $50 giveaway from Fox House if you'd like to check it out! xx

  2. That's a bummer that it chips easily. I wash my hands a million times a day due to working in food service so I know how frustrating it can be watching your polish literally go down the drain. But yay for more mani's, right?! Lol

  3. Yes I will make a few more this week :) I have a really busy week at work this week, but I have 2 posts for sure planned for Wednesday and Thursday! Thanks so much for your comment, Follow and stay tuned! <3

  4. super pretty! I'm totally obsessed with glitter polishes. Cute blog!